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Hey Beautiful, 

My name is Emani and I'm the owner of TAURAE! I assume you navigated this way because you were curious...and I'm happy to feed that curiosity. I also want to express how grateful I am that you're taking the time to get acquainted with my brand, it truly means more than you know.

My why...

As a kid, I loved being expressive in creative areas of my life from clothing to art, and one of my biggest dreams was to work for a major fashion brand in NY. Instead, life diverted and sports became a major part of my teenage/adult years up to the professional level as a volleyball player. Soon after being laid off from the hospitality industry in March 2020 due to COVID, I felt my passion and purpose calling. I took it as a sign to align, step out on faith and build my clothing boutique. In fighting through my insecurities (including the way I thought I was "supposed to dress" based on outside opinions), TAURAE 
was created to help women build confidence in their inner self and style no matter what vibe they may be feeling for the day.

Life has brought me many experiences that I can now use to bring my brand to life, and although entrepreneurship can be scary, challenging, tiring and everything in between, I've never felt more fulfilled.

Want to learn a few more fun facts about me? Visit @shoptaurae here.


TAURAE was created for the multifaceted woman who doesn't like being boxed into just one style. Because let's be honest, we're way too complex for that. As a result, we're dedicated to curating styles that place an emphasis on transforming and refining your closet with hints of edgy, chic and chill. 

Our philosophy...
We know you love fashion or else you wouldn't be here, right? But we're committed to going deeper than that. We value how you feel about yourself because it plays a major role in your stylistic expression. Honestly, what would our fashion be without fighting through insecurities and embracing ourselves? We have favorite quotes for days, but this one in particular speaks to who we are: 

“The mind is everything. What you think you become." ~Buddha

With that in mind, we want to be a destination that serves you internally and externally. If you're ever in a funk or love finding new ways to uplift yourself check out our blog centered around ways to motivate and inspire you on life's journey. The world needs your light, style and energy. Period. 

We hope you find styles that speak to you, embrace who you are and make you feel confident walking into any room. It's about time your vibe shines through. ✨